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Gandhara Stucco Head of the Buddha, 3rd/4th Century AD

Solemn head of the Buddha showing refined facial features with arched eyebrows over heavy lidded eyes and a sensitively modeled mouth with purse lips.

The half open eyes with barely indicated irises confer the head a meditative gaze. The hair is delicately textured with a central bun on top.

The idealized style is reminiscent of Greek Hellenistic sculpture which lived on among Gandharan artists.

Exquisite style. Loss to the nose, highpoints with minor abrasion. Ears partially missing. The face is reattached. The surface with faint pale yellow pigment.

H. 7.7 cm (3 in)
H. with stand 14.5 cm (5.7 in)

Private Pennsylvania collection, acquired in the early 1980s.

945 USD

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