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Attic or Atticizing Black-glazed Epichysis, ca. 400 BC

Low bodied Attic jug with horizontal flanges at the belly and the base. The beaked spout with two applied knobs rendered as rotelles.

The cushion shaped top with five delicate palmette stamps linked by incised arcs.

The reserved incurving area between the flanges and the broad flat base show the distinct orange-red color of Attic clay.

For a related Atticizing epichysis from Northern Apulia cf. item no. 73 in: J. W. Hayes. Greek and Italian Black-Gloss Wares and Related Wares in the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto 1984.

H. 12.2 cm (4.8 in)

Complete and of fine quality. Metallic black gloss with bluish tint. The handle with some pitting, few flaked spots on the body filled.

Swiss private collection

920 USD

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