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Gandhara Arch Shaped Panel with Buddha and Attendant, 2nd/3rd Century AD

Blue schist stone panel with the Buddha and an attendant in the lower frame. The Buddha is seated in the dhyana mudhra gesture. He is dressed in Gandharan style and showing a wavy hairstyle topped with the raised ushnisha.

On the left a man in daring contrapposto and exaggeratedly turned upper body holding what could be a tambourine or an offering.

The top adorned with an acanthus leaf design and a semicircular arch with a rosette on the side. In the open field at center the foot of a free standing figure.

Fragmentary, fine carving. Part of the Buddha missing. Remains of the original red color. Root marks and soil deposits.

H. 15.1 cm (5.9 in)

Swiss private collection established between 1950 and 1970.

875 USD

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