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Shabti of Ankh-Hor, Early 26th Dynasty, ca. 664-595 BC

Inscribed faience shabti reading 'The Governor of Upper Egypt, Ankh-Hor, he speaks, oh, this shabti' and followed by version VII-A of the shabti spell.

Exceptional orthography and vocabulary reminiscent of the renaissance of ancient Egyptian culture during the Saite period.

Ankh-Hor was a high rank official with Psammetichus II and Apries and also Chief Steward of the Divine Adoratrice Nitocris I (656-586 BC). Her father Psammetichus I had installed her in that crucial position at Thebes to achieve influence and power in Upper Egypt.

Intact. Hieroglyphs partially filled with glaze.

H. 10.1 cm (4 in)

Ex Swiss private collection

4200 USD

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