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Attic Hydria with Farewell Scene, ca. 530 BC

Black-figure depiction of naked youths with clamydes that cover their shoulders and bystanders clad in cloaks. All figures hold spears.

The scene is framed with ivy garlands on the sides and buds alternating with dots on the marked shoulder. A row of tongues emerge from the ridged junction to the neck.

Shape and decoration point to the Dolphin Group. For a related vase, cf. Beazley database vase no. 351473.

Fine quality and condition. Rare miniature size. Side handles reattached, chip out of the flared foot restored. Applied red and white worn in places.

H. rim 17 cm (6.7 in), H. handle 18 cm (7.1 in)

Ex collection of the renowned Danish archaeologist and museum director Thorkild Ramskou (1915-1985).

9500 USD

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