ostracon ancient art



Apulian Bell Krater, Mixed Greek-Peucetian Style, 4th Century BC

The panels with extraordinary depictions of a gender-based division of labor.

The hunting scene shows a naked man with a spear grasping at a bird hidden behind a large ivy leaf which may represent the forest grove.

On the other side a woman with diminutive head  and outstretched arms. Assuming that plants are denoted by contouring dots, she is standing next to three trees in her garden.

Figural depictions on this type of pottery are rare. Ingenuous style in silhouette technique.

Fine condition. Shards on the rim fixed and a small area restored.

H. 15.8 cm (6.2 in)
D. rim 17.4 cm (6.9 in)

Swiss art market

3600 USD

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