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Greek Euboean Lekythos of the Dolphin Group, 550 BC

Black-figure lekythos with two heraldic lions looking back over their shoulders. Rosette and dots in the field.

The vase belongs to the Dolphin Group, which is named after the leaping dolphins on the shoulder. Our piece shows the later decoration of large inverted lotus buds.

For a similar example cf. vase no. 1977.3.79 in the Mississippi University Museum.

It has been suggested that many of the vases of the Dolphin Group may actually be Euboean rather than Attic.

Early shape with pitted spots on the lions. Old bone glue restoration of the foot plate and of a small shard out of the mouth.

H. 14 cm (5.5 in)

French art market

4400 USD

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