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Italic Kylix with Woman Holding a Flower, around 400 BC

Large cup with the sketchily depiction of a woman in the tondo. The lady takes a smell at a flower in front of her face.

The style is cursory, the details keenly applied with a brush.

Singular Italic imitation of a Greek cup, executed by a local artist of limited experience.

For a comparable cup from the Peucetian settlement of Ruvo, cf. fig. 6.6 in: Ada Riccardi. The Italic People of Ancient Apulia. Cambridge 2014.

The firing process was stopped too late turning to a warm red-brown what should have been a black glazed surface.

Intact and rare. Fine quality and condition. Misfired glaze.

D. 20.5 cm (8.1 in), W. over handles 28.5 cm (11.2 in), H. to rim 6 cm (2.4 in)

Bavarian collection for 30 to 40 years. Thence German art market.

2600 USD

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