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Egyptian Limestone Fragment with the Name of Mut, Late Period, 6th-3rd Century BC

Wall fragment rendered in sunk hieroglyphs showing a nicely carved vulture over a shallow bowl and the signs for bread.

The sequence mentions the goddess Mut and can be completed to the recurring epithet 'Mut mistress of the sky' [Mwt nbt pt].

The feet of another bird appear over the vulture.

Mut was an ancient Egyptian sky goddess and great divine mother. During the 18th Dynasty she formed the Theban triad together with the god Amun and her youthful son Khons. The name Mut also means 'mother' in ancient Egyptian.

Fragment with well-executed and crisp hieroglyphs.

H. 11.2 cm (4.4 in)

Ex collection of the German Egyptologist Prof. Dr. Hanns Stock (1908-1966).

3200 USD

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