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Attic Red-figure Lekythos with Youth Holding Tendril, ca. 450 BC

A draped youth strides to the left and holds a sprouting tendril. His hidden left hand rests on the hip and creates a radiating sequence of suspended folds.

For the motif, cf. Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum: IV3741, Beazley Archive as vase no. 9031314.

Much preliminary sketch. The delicate inside drawing rendered with a bristle brush or a hair, dipped in thick paint. The ground line with a band of ovolos.

Two bands of strokes on the reserved shoulder. The side of the foot plate grooved.

Superb drawing and brilliant black glaze. Spout reattached, otherwise excellent condition. Chip out of the handle’s inside. Red wash on the reserved areas.

14 cm (5.5 in)

German collection Peter Purkerts, Dortmund, collected 1980-2002.

4200 USD

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