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'Gilded' Oinochoe from Canosa, 325-300 BC

Apulian beaked oinochoe with conical neck widening to a sharp join to the slightly concave body. The oblique spout with small flange below the lip.

The base molding cursorily made. The unfinished base detached from the wheel with a string.
The surface is covered with a yellow wash to imitate metal prototypes. Similar examples are known from Canosa.

For a closely related example, cf. item no. 367.47 (oinochoe dorata), inventory no. 34.006, pp. 418-421 in: E. Lippolis. Arte e artigianato in Magna Grecia. Electa Napoli 1996.

Fine condition. Handle reattached, small craze on the neck.

H. 27.8 cm (10.9 in)

Swiss private collection M. P., Lugano, in family possession since the early 1980s.

1250 USD

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