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Etruscan Villanovan Bronze Belt, ex Ebnöther, 800-750 BC

Partly hammered and partly engraved bronze belt of elliptical form.

Richly decorated with nine central bosses surrounded by concentric circles. On the sides stylized waterfowls emerging from a herringbone design.

The sideward bosses with engraved rays and circles look much like sun symbols.

Engraved fine-line waterfowls at each end of the belt. One of them rendered upside down.

The slightly flared edge of the belt with bands of short strokes, dots and pointed triangles.

One end with a tongue-shaped hook, the other with turned-back edges and holes to fix a leather belt.

The type is known from female burials in southern Etruria, northern Latium and Picenum. It is generally considered an attribute of high rank women.

For related examples, cf. nos. 90-92 in: Ines Jucker. Italy of the Etruscans. Mainz 1991.

Overall fine condition. Reconstituted from three fragments, tiny nicks out of the rim restored. The square end of the belt frayed.

L. 32 cm (12.6 in), H. 11.7 cm (4.6 in)

Ex collection of Marcel Ebnöther (1920-2008). Sold in 1993 to Dr. R. Hartmann (1922-2007), St. Gallen.

7500 USD

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