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Roman Fragment Inscribed Domina Victoria, 350-430 AD

Roman fragment with a tabula ansata inscribed DOMIN[A] VICTOR[IA], an acclamation translatable as "Lady, victory (is yours)!"

The inscription is connected to Saint Thecla, whose upper arm and blurred hand appear below.

Saint Thecla was a companion of Saint Paul, and an important figure in the Christian imagery of Roman North Africa.

For a dish showing Saint Thecla in the arena together with lions and the inscribed tablet, cf. item no. 49, pp. 59-60 in: Herrmann, van den Hoek, 2003.

Fragment of a shallow bowl, Hayes form 53A, with grooves on the inside face and along the flat base on the outside.
Hayes 1021-1043 – fig. 32, pp. 222-223, pl. 51-52.

Rare example. Reconstituted from two shards.

H. 7.1 cm (2.8 in)
W. 7.7 cm (3 in)

French private collection, sold at Marseille Enchères Provence.

460 USD

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