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Roman Fragment with Herakles Fighting the Hydra, 350-430 AD

Fine redware fragment showing the fight of Herakles against the snake-headed hydra.

The hero brandishes his club while three snake heads appear in front of his chest. The monster's body winds around the hero's legs.

Herakles is shown with a muscular body. His face is carefully rendered, as well as the fur of the lion's skin or the knobs of his club.
The hydra shows tiny scales on the body and the snake heads.

The present Herakles scene comes from the same mold as the one used in Madrid inv. no. 34737; cf. Samuelson 1969, pp. 33-35.

Behind collector's inscription reading Hercule.

Rare example, exquisite modeling.

H. 5.8 cm (2.3 in), W. 4.7 cm (1.9 in)

French private collection, sold at Marseille Enchères Provence.

420 USD

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Jan W. Salomonson. "Spätrömische rote Tonware mit Reliefverzierung aus nordafrikanischen Werkstätten", pp. 4-109 in: BaBesch. XLIV, 1969.
BaBesch.: Bulletin van de Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Kennis van de Antieke Beschaving.

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