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Roman Rim Fragment with Oceanus Head, 350-400 AD

The rim is decorated with a facing Oceanus head showing bushy beards extending to both sides and goat-like ears.

The lobster claws expected in the hair of Oceanus are mistakenly rendered as ram horns, the usual attribute for Zeus Ammon.

In the late Roman imagery of North Africa the head of Oceanus presides over displays of sea life.

Fine rim fragment of a bowl with a groove on its outer face. The estimated diameter is 22.4 cm (8.8 in).
Shape form 52B – Hayes 1003 – fig. 32, p. 222.

For similar heads, cf. Louvre AO6639 in: Jan W. Salomonson. "Spätrömische rote Tonware mit Reliefverzierung aus nordafrikanischen Werkstätten", BaBesch. XLIV, 1969, pp. 4-109.

Choice example.

L. 9.2 cm (3.6 in), H. 6 cm (2.4 in)
D. (est.) 22.4 cm (8.8 in)

French private collection, sold at Marseille Enchères Provence.

280 USD

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