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Greek Apulian Guttus with Medusa Head, 325-300 BC

Fine guttus showing the head of Medusa on the medallion. The scary Medusa can be identified by faint snake-like curls emerging from her rich hairdo.

The head is seen frontally with neatly designed eyes, a prominent nose and narrowed lips.

The head is surrounded by hastily impressed semicircles.

The isolated head of the Medusa had apotropaic character and was intended to protect from envy and bad eye.

For a related mask, cf. CVA Napoli, Museo Nazionale 2, IV.E.12, pls. (1047,1058) 25.4, 36.2. Beazley archive vase no. 9006026.

Intact, choice condition. Shiny black glaze with a blue tint.

H. to spout 9.4 cm (3.7 in)
D. body 9.8 cm (3.9 in)

Swiss private collection, acquired at Arete Zurich, December 1977.

Sold 890 USD

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