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Graeco-Egyptian Faience Aryballos, 6th Century BC

Faience aryballos in the form of a male head with archaic features. The broad head shows a prominent nose, and fleshy lips. The small almond-shaped eyes with irises in applied dark-brown.

A striated band along the forehead running from ear to ear, with diagonal ridges at center.

Ointment vase with flat base, central opening with short spout and strap handle on top.

Similar perfume vases are known from Naukratis, a Greek trading station in the Nile Delta.

For a related example, cf. UC8952 in the Petrie Museum database.

Intact, fine condition. Remains of green glaze in places.

H. 4.4 cm (1.7 in)

German private collection since the 1960s.

Sold 1650 USD

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