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Attic Lekythos with Head of Hermes or Perseus, 425-400 BC

Head of Hermes or Perseus to the right. The winged pilos helmet with dotted feathers; the offset bottom of the helmet spotted.

The head with a short nose, mouth with protruding lower lip, heavy chin. A large mass of hair on the temple. A vegetal ornament in front of the head. Behind a dotted point. A reserved base below.

The eye, the base of the helmet and the wings are rendered with relief-line.

Lekythos of wide bell mouth, low neck, flat shoulder and cushion-shaped body.

For a related head on a flattish squat lekythos, cf. CVA Mainz, Universität 2, 32-33, Beilage 8.5, pl. (3108) 19.4-6. Beazley Archive vase 43228.

Hermes was the messenger of the gods, Perseus instead a legendary figure who beheaded the gorgon Medusa.

Outstanding quality and condition. Intact, except for few reattached chips.

H. 6 cm (2.4 in)

Ex Munich private collection, acquired before 1976.

2200 USD

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