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Near Eastern Terracotta Horseman, 4rd/3rd Century BC

Rare centaur-like creature with a male torso merged to an equid body.

The bearded man is holding a pile of dishes with his right hand and a phial (?) with the left.

His head was taken from a mold and shows good detail to the beard and face. The soft cap folded to the side.

The horseman is related to the so called 'Persian Rider' characteristic of the Achaemenid Period in Syria (Northern Levant). The type does well continue into Parthian times.

For a closely related horseman holding a tambourine, cf. item no. 378 in: P.R.S. Moorey. Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas. Oxford 2005.

Rare and fine. The left arm chipped, one foot stump restored.

H. 9.4 cm (3.7 in)

Ex Swiss private collection.

740 USD

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