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Rare Greek Apulian Pseudo Pyxis, 325-300 BC

The vessel features a reel-shaped body with stepped foot and a flange. The doomed top with the head of Medusa at center. Medusa is rendered with a round face and curls ending in snake heads.

The pyxis is made in one piece and open at the bottom. The piece was not intended for concrete use and served as richly decorated burial object.

For a related example, cf. CVA Ostschweiz Ticino 1, 36, pl. (231) 29.15-16. Beazley Archive no. 1009407.

Rare shape. Intact with minor wear in places. Remains of the original engobe.

H. 11 cm (4.3 in), D. 13.8 cm (5.4 in)

Private NYC collection, acquired 1970s-1980s.

780 USD

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