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Daunian Bichrome Jug, Subgeometric II, 500-450 BC

Hand-made Daunian jug with bag-shaped body, narrow neck and flat rim.

The top of the handle with prong-like projections and a circular lump between, all with pierced holes.

Decorated with dull black and reddish brown bands, meander friezes, herringbone and dotted lines. On the base a wheel motif.

Modeled by hand without a potter's wheel. Carefully applied decoration.
Shape and decoration belong to the Daunian Subgeometric II period, which lasts from 550 to 400 BC.

For a coarse example, cf. Beazley Archive vase no 1000099.

Excellent condition. Point of one prong missing, tiny craze along the belly fixed.

H. to handle 15.4 cm (6.1 in), H. to rim 8.8 cm (3.5 in)

From the estate of the German private collector H.S., Lower Rhine, acquired in February 1988.

Sold 980 USD

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