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Campanian Lekythos by the Lille Painter, ca. 320 BC

Campanian squat lekythos decorated with the head of a woman wearing a segmented sakkos sparing a tuft at the temple. The Campanian headdress is stitched along the joins and leaves a bun at rear.

Eye and eyebrow are indicated with short lines, mouth and nostrils with tiny dots. Tiny lines to extend the round chin. The woman wears a necklace and an earring.

The sideward tendril with scrolls that frame vestigial blossoms. A phiale in the field, the neck with black tongues.

Attributable to the Lille Painter like vase no. 23 in the sales catalogue 14/1990 of Fortuna Gallery, Zurich.

Intact, fine condition. Black glaze pitted.

H. 10.6 cm (4.2 in)

Ex German private collection K.B., acquired 40 years ago.

890 USD

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