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Roman Egyptian Handle Ornament, Shepherd, 50-100 AD

Handle-ornament decorated in relief with a shepherd reclining on an acanthus, playing double-pipes. A lyre hangs from the tree which is shading him, on the left a sheep that looks on.

Published as item no. 356, p. 131, pl. 99 in: Paul Perdrizet. Les terres cuites grecques d’Égypte de la collection Fouquet. Paris 1921 (copy of the publication record joined)

For the motif, cf. Q1938 (same mold) and Q1939, pp. 43-44 and p. 237, pl. 35 in: Donald M. Bailey. A Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum. Vol. 3. Roman Provincial Lamps. London 1988.

Triangular handle ornament from a mold made pottery lamp. Broneer type XXI. Light brown clay, covered with a brown slip. Ink inscribed back: 1277(?), and label underneath.

Rare depiction. Broken at the join to the lamp, tiny fixing holes on the back.

H. 9.8 cm (3.8 in)

Ex collection of Dr. Daniel Fouquet, Cairo, around 1900.

1750 USD

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