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Greek Terracotta Satyr with Double-Flute, 4th Century BC

Naked, pot-bellied satyr playing a double-aulos. Possibly the snapshot of a satyr play.

The artist stands narrow-legged, one shoulder slightly turned to his right, and wears a dummy belly and artificial genitals.

The prominent forehead with receding hairline, almond-shaped eyes, blown out cheeks, and a mighty upper lip. The hair reworked with modeling tool.

For a later figure from a satyr play, cf. item no. E692 in: F. Hamdorf et al. Die figürlichen Terrakotten der Staatlichen Antikensammlungen München. Band 2. Lindenberg i. Allgäu 2014.

The back side with a slit-like vent hole. Made of two halves. Old collection label behind.

Feet damaged, otherwise fine modeling.

H. 7.7 cm (3 in), H. with stand 9.2 cm (3.6 in)

Swiss private collection. Part of a bulk purchase of terracotta items, acquired in 1995 from Galeria Serodine, Ascona.

780 USD

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