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Middle Cypriot Red-on-Black Ware Bowl, 1850 BC-1550 BC

Hand-modeled bowl of hemispherical body with a single handle at the rim. The base rounded.

The burnished surface with a red-brown slip and purple-red bands of wavy lines that form a cross on both the inner and outer surface. Purple-red lines on the handle.

For a related example, cf. British Museum database no. 1884,1210.103.

Beautiful and well preserved vessel with an exceptionally good provenance.

Fine condition, burnished surface. Minor rim chips and surface wear; crack to handle fixed, else intact. Inventory number underneath (12), museum card joined.

D. 15.4 cm (6.1 in), W. over handle 18.4 cm (7.2 in), H. bowl 7 cm (2.8 in)

Ex collection Dr. Takey Crist, founder and director of the Cyprus Museum of Jacksonville, NC. Since the 1970s.

Joined by two documents demonstrating that the collection was acquired legally and with the full knowledge of the Cypriot Government.

850 USD

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