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Egyptian Faience Shabti for Nes-Mut, 1070-664 BC

Bright blue faience shabti inscribed with black hieroglyphs reading: "The Osiris Nes-Mut".

Curiously, the epithet Osiris is noted here in retrograde writing in relation to the name.

The figurine wears a tripartite wig with a frontal band tied at the back. The face shows barely visible eyes and eyebrows. The arms are crossed and the hands hold two colored hoes. The seed bag behind is held by straps.

The name Nes-Mut is frequent since the New Kingdom, which makes it difficult to identify the owner.

For a shabti that may belong to same person, as it shares the retrograde writing of the name Osiris, cf. fig. no. 043 in: Jean-Luc Chappaz. Les figurines funéraires égyptiennes du Musée d’Art et d’Histoire et de quelques collections privées. Geneva 1984.

Broken at the waist level and reattached. Fists chipped. Writing fades towards the feet with faint lowermost hieroglyph for Mut.

H. 10.3 cm (4.1 in)

Ex Hiller collection, acquired in the 1950s; thence by decent.

1000 USD

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