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Egyptian Faience Shabti for Pa-ma-ru (Pa-mel), 946-730 BC

Interesting Egyptian shabti inscribed with black hieroglyphs reading: "The Osiris Pa-mel".

The figurine wears a tripartite wig and holds agricultural implements in the crossed hands.

The modeling is crude as with other known examples, the back is flat. Thin greenish glaze on a white crumbly body material. Details of the face and inscription in black.

Fourteen shabtis of Pa-mel – – are recorded with Schneider in the Leiden collection; cf. p. 125, pl. 50 and 115 in: Hans Schneider. Shabtis. Leiden 1977.

The shabti belongs to the Third Intermediate Period. Schneider dates it to the 22nd/23rd Dynasty, i.e. 946-730 BC.

Tiny chip out of the head mended. Otherwise intact.

H. 9.6 cm

Ex Hiller collection, acquired in the 1950s; thence by decent.

1000 USD

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