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Alexander Silver Drachm, Reign of Antigonos l, 310-301 BC

Silver drachm struck under Antigonos l Monophthalmos in the name and following types of Alexander III 'the Great', who ruled 336-323 BC.

Head of Herakles to the right, wearing the lion skin headdress.

Reverse inscribed AΛEΞANΔPOY.

Zeus Aëtophoros seated on a low throne, holding a long scepter in his left hand and an eagle in his outstretched right. Pegasus forepart in left field, AΛ between the legs of the throne.

The Pegasus icon stands for the mint of Lampsakos, an ancient Greek port city in Mysia, strategically located on the east side of the Hellespont.

Reference: Price 1389.

Antigonos I (382–301 BC) was a Macedonian nobleman, who served under Philip II and his son Alexander III as general. Although quite old, he was one of the main contenders during the wars to succeed Alexander. He declared himself king in 306 BC and established the Antigonid dynasty.

The nickname Monophthalmos – the One-Eyed – was given him after the loss of an eye in battle.

Some minor marks, otherwise very fine.

D. 18 mm (0.7 in), 4.27 g

Swiss private collection, ex Leu Numismatik AG, Zurich.

380 USD

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