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Etrusco-Corinthian Pointed Aryballos, 620-580 BC

Etruscan buff colored aryballos decorated with four rows of compass-drawn scales around the body; the scales with pink and red dots inside.

Of piriform shape standing on a small button-foot.

Small strokes on the outer part of the broad discoid rim. Tongue pattern down the shoulder. A strap handle with brown stripes from shoulder to rim.

For a related example, cf. Beazley Archive vase no. 9028786.

Reconstituted from fragments. A small hole on the body restored. Surface and brownish glaze with minor wear.

H. 10.1 cm (4 in)

Private NYC collection, acquired 1970s-1980s. Ex PB Eighty-Four, lot no. 579 (label joined).

580 USD

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