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Etrusco-Campanian Dionysos Mask Fitting, 500-475 BC

The head of Dionysos with lidded almond-shaped eyes, a strong nose and a small mouth with pursed lips.

The broad beard with fine wavy strands. Undulated, slender moustache. The hairdo with strands of hair that end in curls. Remains of red pigment near the hair band and the forehead.

Fine archaic style, excellent modeling. Mounted on an acrylic stand.

For a closely related example (possibly same mold), cf. fig. no. C388, Staatliche Antikensammlung Munich.

Terracotta decorative attachments with the head of Dionysos evoke, particularly in Southern Italy, the strong inclusion of death symbolism in Dionysian worship.

Reconstituted from two pieces, otherwise intact and fine. Some surface wear.

H. 5.5 cm (2.2 in), B. 3.3 cm (1.3 in)

Ex collection of Wladimir Rosenbaum (1894-1984), former owner of Galleria Serodine, Ascona.

580 USD

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