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Greek Figure of Eros with Shield, 3rd/2nd Century BC

Eros leans on an oval shield which rests on a square altar. The chubby god of love is shown with crossed leg, both arms rest on an oval shield with broad border.

The oval face absorbed in thought, parted hair with wavy strands, all surmounted by a stippled wreath.

The wings are omitted. Superb modeling. Traces of a white coat remain.

For a body taken from the same mold, cf. item no. 1867,0508.657 in the British Museum database.
Unlike the London example, our figure shows a different head and no wings.

Head reattached, otherwise intact and fine.

H. 13.8 cm (5.4 in)

Swiss private collection E.N., acquired before 2000. Self-published in 2012.

1650 USD

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