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Greek Figure of Eros on Swan, early 3rd Century BC

Terracotta figure of Eros riding swan on a pedestal of waves. Eros sitting side-saddle and precariously balanced, clasping the neck of the animal.

The winged god is naked apart from a short mantle wrapping the right leg. A chain of dots along the swan's chest.

Remains of white coating. Dark pigment in the cavities of the Corinthian helmet.

For an example taken from the same mold, cf. lot no. 231 in: Cahn Auktionen AG, Auktion 3, 19. September 2008.

Tips of the wings and of the tail reattached. Otherwise intact and fine.

H. 12 cm (4.7 in)

Swiss private collection E.N., acquired before 2000. Self-published in 2012.

1450 USD

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