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Etruscan-Faliscan Oinochoe with Dove, Barbano Group, 310-280 BC

Red-figure oinochoe showing a dove with outstretched right wing.

The bird shows traces of the original white slip and is flanked by scrolling tendrils. Below the handle an upside down palmette.

The neck with an upright palmette at center and scrolls to the sides. Radiating tongues on top of the shoulder.

For closely related vases attributed to the Barbano Group, cf. Beazley archive nos. 1010542 and 1010543.

Reconstituted from large fragments, applied white color for the dove rubbed off.
Otherwise appealing and fine.

H. 16.5 cm (6.5 in)

Swiss private collection, since the late 19th century.

1800 USD

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