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Apulian Messapian Bichrome Jug, 450-400 BC

Native Apulian jug of globular body with tapering neck, everted rim and strap handle.

The body, the neck and the outside of the base with circumferential bands of brown glaze. Top of the rim and outside of the handle also glazed. Standing on a flat disk base.

The Messapians were a South Italian tribe settled in the Salento area.

Related to the Peucetes and the Daunians they belonged to the group of the Iapyges. These populations created important urban centers and had rather difficult relations with the Greek colonies of the Tarent region. In 473 BC the Messapians inflicted an important defeat on the Greeks.

Although influenced by the neighboring Greek colonies the Messapians maintained their own peculiar, rather old fashioned, pottery tradition.

Handle reattached, otherwise intact and fine.

H. to handle 18.4 cm (7.2 in)
H. to rim 15.8 cm (6.2 in)

Swiss private collection since the 1980s.

480 USD

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