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Egyptian Bronze Head of a King, Late Period, 664-332 BC

Egyptian head of a king with tightly fitting headdress, the uraeus and the vulture partially preserved on the forehead.

Eyes and eyebrows recessed to bear inlays. Also the body of the rearing uraeus was originally inlayed.

Attractive facial features with slightly aquiline nose and full lips, the almond-shaped eyes with cosmetic lines to the outer corners. False beard missing.

For a related example, cf. inv. no. D.961.2.188 in the Louvre Museum database.

Hollow cast with missing upper and back side of the head. Back side of the neck reattached.

H. 4.2 cm (1.7 in), H. with stand 6.8 cm (2.7 in)

Ex P.N. collection Cape Town, collected 1970s. Comes with copy of UK export license.

1750 USD

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