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Egyptian Head from a Wood Figure, Middle Kingdom, 2040-1782 BC

Extremely rare head fragment from a wooden figure of about one meter in height.

The hollow-cheeked face tapers to a narrow jaw with angular chin. The small mouth with pursed lips curved into a strained smile. The straight nose with flared nostrils, the eyes heavy lidded.

The area under the corners of the eyes partially damaged by worms.

The tautness of the facial features suggests a strong, determined character. The man wears a Nubian cap. The gessoed surface is partially preserved and painted with dark pigment.

The dowel near the left temple shows that the head was attached to a statue.

According to the Egyptian canon of body proportions, the size of the head corresponds to a statue height of about one meter.

Mounted on a wooden panel with old tag behind (586).

Fragmentary, rare. Worm damage in places. Gesso-painted surface worn, partially lost.

H. 12.3 cm (4.8 in)

Swiss private collection Zug, acquired before 2000.

3600 USD

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