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Roman Lamp Signed CCLO.SVC, 80/90-140 AD

Roman lamp inscribed CCLO.SVC on the base.

The impressed mark refers to C(aius) Clo(dius) Suc(cessus) whose Italic workshop had branches in Northern Africa.

Loeschke type VIII lamp with plain discus set off by grooves. Small filling hole at center, tiny air hole pierced below.

Plain outward-sloping shoulder with arched bow-shaped volutes, whose knobs continue down the side of the basin wall.

The nozzle separated from the discus by a straight horizontal line, flanked by two dots.

Ring handle with grooves on the upper part. Circular groove around the base. Brown clay and slip.

For the discussion of the workshop, cf. p. 28 in: B. Robin Petitot. Catalogue des lampes grecques et romaines. Avignon 2000.

Intact, some surface wear. Brown slip partially lost.

L. 9.6 cm (3.8 in), D. 6.8 cm (2.7 in)

Belgium private collection by succession.

360 USD

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