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Roman African Lamp Fragment with Horse, 300-400 AD

Roman red-ware fragment of a lamp with a partially preserved horse on the discus.

The animal head with flared nostrils, open mouth and bare teeth. The big eye with eyelashes, the ears laid back. Mane and tail hatched.

Trappings around the neck and the croup decorated with tiny dots. On the croup a swastika with dots in the interstices, possibly a brand.

The checkerboard panels on the shoulder frame resemble Ennably A10, the targets with diamonds inside are close to Ennably F5.

Fragmentary, detailed modeling.

L. 10 cm (3.9 in), W. 7.8 cm (3.1 in)

Ex Clark collection, Santa Barbara.

460 USD

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Literature: Abdelmajid Ennabli. Lampes chrétiennes de Tunisie. (Musée du Bardo et de Carthage). Paris 1976.

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