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Roman African Fragment with Panther, 340-380 AD

Large North African red-ware fragment depicting a leaping panther with detailed head and fearsome paws.

Excellent modeling of the musculature and great coat pattern rendered with small circles.
On the other end a hound chasing a sheep or goat.

The fragment belongs to the rim of a lanx, a larger and rather rare rectangular platter. The outer edge is decorated with a beaded pattern.

For a panther from a matching mould, cf. fig. 12, p. 418 in: A. van den Hoek. "Execution as Entertainment: The Roman Context of Martyrdom", pp. 405-434, in: Van den Hoek/Herrmann. Pottery, Pavements, and Paradise. Leiden 2013.

Superb modeling. Beautifully detailed in fine style. Reconstituted from three shards.

L. 22.7 cm (8.9 in)

Ex Clark collection, Santa Barbara.

780 USD

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