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Canosan 'Gilded' Patera with Kouros Handle, 325-300 BC

Rare yellow-slipped patera with sculptural handle in the shape of a naked youth with arms upraised as if to support the shallow bowl upon his head.

The representation of the handle follows conventions prevailing since the Archaic Period.

'Gilded' pottery (ceramica dorata) is unusual in Apulia, but typically occurs in Canosa. Patera and oinochoe were there part of funeral sets to offer libations to the deceased.

For a set of patera and oinochoe in the Metropolitan Museum collection, cf. acc. nos. 06.1021.254 and 06.1021.255.

Reconstituted from few fragments. Choice with wonderful original pigment.

L. 40 cm (15.7 in), D. 24 cm (9.4 in)

Swiss private collection Zug, acquired before 2005. Self-published in 2015.

1800 USD

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