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Egyptian Ex-Voto with Rat and Mice, Published 1921, 1st-3rd Century AD

Rare terracotta group with a rat and two mice seen side by side gnawing on the bait of a mousetrap.

According to Pedrizet perhaps an ex-voto offered by a person whose house or granary was infested with mice and rats.

Published as item no. 417, pl. 120 (center right) in: Paul Perdrizet. Les terres cuites grecques d’Égypte de la collection Fouquet. Paris 1921. (copy of the publication record joined)

For a rat trap, cf. Petrie Archive UC16773.

Intact and rare. Modeled in full, with much use of the modeling tool.

L 8.6 cm (3.6 in), H. 4 cm (1.6 in)
Ex collection of Dr. Daniel Fouquet, Cairo, around 1900.

1450 USD

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