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Etruscan Bronze Buckle with Heads, Orientalizing Period, 700-650 BC

Uncommon Etruscan belt buckle with hooks ending in a female head flanked by a couple of lion heads.

The lions bent forward with ears laid back and teeth bared. Both with lenticular eyes and engraved mane.

The woman looks in the opposite direction and shows a pointed face with almond-shaped eyes. The strands of her hair are curled up in front of her chest, much in accordance with archaic style.

Hooks and loops appear on narrow rectangular frames with emphasized corners. Belts of leather or fabric were attached to the frames.

This type of buckle reflects the influence of eastern Mediterranean art among Etruscans during the Orientalizing Period.

For related examples, cf. items 93-95 in: I. Jucker. The Italy of the Etruscans. Jerusalem 1991.

Intact and rare, nice patina with malachite patches.

W. hooked together 9.4 cm (3.7 in)
W. frames 6.6 cm (2.6 in)

Swiss private collection of Dr. Roland Hartmann (1922-2007), antiquarian and internationally recognized authority in the field of ancient cultures and writings.

2250 USD

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