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Western Greek Female Sphinx Vessel, 2nd to 1st century BC

Rare pouring vessel in the form of a sphinx shown recumbent on a raised base.

The fantastic creature shows a beautiful female head with chubby facial features. The curly hair is entwined with ivy leaves.

The imposing lion body with powerful clawed paws and short wings attached to the sides. The cord around the neck is knotted between the breasts.

The figure is conceived as a pouring vessel. Next to the wing and the rear handle is a raised ridge with a sieve-like inlet. The pierced left breast serves as a spout.

For a closely related example, cf. acc. no. 70.58 in the Brooklyn Museum collection.

White slip with remains of blue pigment on the hair and pink on the wings.

Fine and rare. Professionally reconstituted, nose worn.

H. 10.7 cm (4.2 in), L. 11 cm (4.3 in)

Swiss private collection Zug, acquired before 2000.

Self-published in 2015.

2800 USD

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