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Etruscan Four-Spiral Fibula, 750-700 BC

Outstanding four-spiral fibula of the Amendolara type.

Made of two single wires coiled into opposing spirals. In the center a disc with embossed edge.

A separately worked fibula underneath with one end coiled to extend into a pin, the other bent down into a hook. The partially preserved second bar mounted crosswise for reinforcement.

All elements are held together by a rivet in the center.

The four-spiral fibula is a development of the double or spectacle fibula, which spread from the western Balkans to central Italy in the Early Iron Age.

The type is rare in Etruria.

For a similar example, cf. no. 85 in: Silvia Cassani. L’Art des peoples italiques. Geneva 1993.

Very nice patina and rare example. Hook of the catch plate lost, edge of the central disk chipped. Half of the reinforcement bar lost. Otherwise fine.

W. 9.4 cm (3.7 in)

Ex Swiss private collection M.E., 1988.

1850 USD

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