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Greek Rhodian Stamped Handle, Pausanias 3, ca. 152 BC

Amphora handle with the name of the annual official Pausanias written around the Rhodian rose emblem.

The stamped text reads: ΕΠΙ ΠΑΥΣΑΑΝΙΑ ΣΜΙΝΘΙΟΥ – in the term of Pausanias, in the month Sminthios (March-April).

Three eponyms with the name Pausanias are known from Rhodian amphoras. Our example refers to Pausanias 3, who held office around 152 BC.

Pausanias 3 is associated with the Rhodian fabricant Timo 2, whose workshop was active from 175-150 BC.

For a stamp with the same eponym and month, cf. inv. no. 1987.1110.243 in the British Museum database.

Fragmentary. Well preserved stamp.

H. 9.8 cm (3.9 in)

Ex Tarshish Antiquities, Jerusalem, thence Maryland private collection.

680 USD

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Literature: Dragos Măndescu. "The Chronology of the Rhodian Stamped Amphora Handles in the South-Eastern Proximity of the Carpathian Basin", pp. 357-388, in: Sándor Berecki (ed.) Iron Age Chronology in the Carpathian Basin. Cluj-Napoca 2016.

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