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Sumerian Bird Fibula, 3rd Millennium BC

Bow adornment of a fibula in the shape of an elongated bird.

The animal is shown in alert pose with outstretched head. It shows a pointed beak, donut-like eyes, and a body carved with parallel lines to render the plumage.

For a related example, cf. Christie’s East New York, sale no. 200A (06 June 1981), part of lot no. 19.

The notch on the bottom to bear the metal components of the fibula, which are now lost.

The used material is animal tooth, remains of dental enamel are discernible on the tail.

Mounted on an acrylic stand, collector's inventory number to the side (8544).

Fine example. Metal components of the fibula lost.

L. 3.4 cm (1.3 in), H. with stand 2.6 cm (1 in)

Swiss private collection, Zug. Acquired in the Swiss art market before 2000.

460 USD

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