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Corinthian Kylix, Workshop of the Bird-Frieze Painter, 575-550 BC

Late Corinthian kylix decorated on both sides with geese flanked by griffin-birds.

The geese turn their heads back. The griffins show crested heads, sickle-shaped wings and protruding tail feathers.

Black-glaze design on buff ground, incised details, red color on the wings and for some dots applied on the necks.

The kylix belongs to the Workshop of the Bird-Frieze Painter. The workshop began in 600-575 BC with quality-oriented pottery and shifted to coarser mass production around the middle of the century.

For a slightly smaller example, cf. Beazley Archive vase no. 9032426.

Intact and fine. Black glaze of the birds with minor pitting, inside glaze scratched. Chip out of the top of one handle.

D. 17.3 cm (6.8 in)
W. over handles 22.5 cm (8.9 in)

Old US private collection, thence US art market.

2600 USD

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