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Etrusco-Corinthian Aryballos of the Confronted Cocks Group, 560-550 BC

Ovoid vase decorated with two cocks and a schematic tree/palmette between them.

The lower frieze with two panthers sharing a common head, behind them a bird. Cock and panther on the left side worn.

The black-figure decoration enlivened with crimson. Neat incision of the details.

The decoration is characteristic for the Confronted Cocks Group, Michigan Sub-group.

For related examples, cf. vases 265 and 266 in: R. Gabrielli. Ceramica etrusco-corinzia del museo archeologico di Tarquinia. Roma 2010.

Reconstituted from fragments. The left side of the front area worn. The preserved animals brisk and fine.

H. 14.8 cm (5.8 in)

Ex collection of Alberto Altieri, Illinois.

890 USD

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