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Egyptian Bronze Amulet of Anubis, ex Bonham's, 664-332 BC

Scarce figurine of the jackal-headed Anubis shown with large, upright pointed ears and a tripartite wig.

Anubis strides on integral rectangular base and wears a long kilt. Suspension loop on the back.

Thick olive green patina and uncovered areas of reddish brown cuprite.

For a related example, cf. pl. 5 e-f in: Günther Roeder. Ägyptische Bronzewerke. Glückstadt 1937.

Intact and fine.

H. 5.2 cm (2 in)

Major James Findlay (1915-1990) collection, Aberdeen, acquired 1950s-1960s. Thence Bonham's Edinburgh, June 2019 sale (catalogue entry joined).

Sold 580 USD

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