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East-Greek Silenus Figure, ex Ernst Pfuhl, Late 4rd Century BC

Paunchy figure of Silenus shown naked except for an animal skin, the ends of which he holds with his hands.

The slightly bent head with a shaggy beard, beady eyes, an enormous nose and full lips.

The head shows the caricatural features of a philosopher.

Vivid visual appearance with great modeling. Remains of pinkish pigment.

Silenus was associated with Dionysos and often depicted as a drunken elderly satyr.

The tag behind refers to Fischer's 1941.

Τρωάς written with pencil on the back indicates the finding area. Troas designates a town or a landscape, both located in Asia Minor, southeast of the Dardanelles Strait.

Superb modeling. Back side and legs lost.

H. 5.1 cm (2 in)

Ex collection of Ernst Pfuhl (1876-1940), Basel, renowned classical archaeologist and art historian.

Thence Galerie Fischer Luzern, 21 May 1941 sale, part of lot 232 (with copy of the catalogue entry).

Auction house owner Theodor Fischer gifts the piece to a friend in July 02, 1941 (copy of the accompanying note and list of objects joined).

650 USD

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